Quality policy

In order to normalise processes and to continuously improve our institution, since 2005 the ISEI-IVEI has established a Quality Management System that not only enables us to check and improve working processes but also meets the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Our quality management system is based on the following principles:

·       A system means an established way of working that is familiar to everyone, regardless of the people who are working at any time.

·      The established Quality System aims to satisfy clients, and the staff of our organization, and ensure the efficiency of processes through a better use of the resources of the institution.

·       All activities must focus on continuous improvement, which consists of planning activities, carrying them out as planned, assessing results and acting coherently to always try and achieve continuous improvement

·       Quality requires collaboration and commitment from everyone, because it is produced in the activities carried out in all jobs.

·      We must work as an organised team, and all take part in improving processes and always keeping a vision of comprehensive integrated process management, that goes beyond the perspective of an individual or a department.

·       We must be aware of the importance of not only meeting the client’s requirements but also the legal requirements and regulations and rules that apply at any time.

In 2009, we adapted our Quality System to meet the new version of standard ISO 9001:2008 and in 2014 we renewed the Certificate that will be valid until 2017.