Trilingual students in Secundary school

Title Trilingual students in Secundary school
Date 2007
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Extract This investigation is intended to study the experience of the Plurilingual Experience (PE) and verify if this methodology is effective, efficient and functional.

Long summary
This document is directed to the context of the plurilingual experience and to its content, giving a brief review of the methodology and experiences related to using foreign languages as teaching languages.
In the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, during the 2003-2005 two-year period, 12 Secondary schools took part in the Plurilingual Experience (from hereon PE). This was later extended to other schools, some of which use French as the teaching language.  There were 18 in the next group. Conditions for participating in the experience require that the schools use Spanish, Basque and a foreign language for teaching, with a student being required to take courses in the foreign language at least 7 hours weekly in ESO, and 25&percent; of the time in Post-Compulsory Secondary Education subjects. Furthermore, a student participating in the experience must pass a test in Basque as well as in the corresponding foreign language.
The Department of Education, Universities and Research wanted to ensure. Due to this, this investigation was intended to study cases applying different methodologies of collecting information.
According to the general conclusions of the research,  the PE increases the rate of learning the vehicular language used and the improvement in linguistic and communicative competence appears to be substantial. In addition, the informed opinion of the didactic seminars assures that the assimilation of the content in the different subject areas taught in English is similar, if not superior, to those groups taught at the same level that did not participate in the experience. Therefore, the PE does not create any obstacles in learning the subjects taught in English as the language of instruction.
Finally, this investigation gives some aspects which should be taken into consideration to consolidate and  spread  the experience.